Employee Management and the Bell Curve

Here are a couple of interesting articles I read on the management of employees and the use of the Bell curve. They challenged the theories that results are distributed in a normal way. We need to realize that there is no one who is “better” than another, because people are different. The key in business, and indeed, in life, is to find people who will enhance your strengths and help you through your weaknesses to make you, and your business achieve your full potential.

  • Put Away The Bell Curve: Most Of Us Aren’t ‘Average’ – http://www.npr.org/2012/05/03/151860154/put-away-the-bell-curve-most-of-us-arent-average
  • The Myth Of The Bell Curve: Look For The Hyper-Performers – http://www.forbes.com/sites/joshbersin/2014/02/19/the-myth-of-the-bell-curve-look-for-the-hyper-performers/
  • Microsoft, GE, and the futility of ranking employees – http://management.fortune.cnn.com/2013/11/18/microsoft-ge-ranking-employees/

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