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Resources for the Bash Bug (aka ShellShock)

It was bound to happen. A major bug targeting the Linux community, and not Windows users. Thanks to Trend Micro labs, here are some related resources that will bring you up-to-date with this latest threat.

The original blog post can be found here –

Explored: 7 Key Areas of Hyper-V – FREE eBook from Altaro

Altaro, developers of Altaro Hyper-V Backup, have put out a really good eBook detailing how you can improve the core areas of your Hyper-V environment.


From the website, the eBook will help you master Hyper-V:

  • How to secure your Hyper-V deployment beyond the basics, managing access to Virtual Machine functions, applying Group Policy, best practices on antimalware, and more
  • How to get the most out of Hyper-V Manager, setting up Native Network Teams and how Hyper-V’s Virtual Switches work
  • Understanding the concept of vCPUs and how to undertake capacity planning for Hyper-V
  • Learn the proper use of Hyper-V Dynamic Disks, how they operate and common myths surrounding the topic
  • How to connect storage to Hyper-V, including a variety of options as well as best practices.

Here is a list of the chapters.

  • Chapter 1: Seven Keys to Hyper-V Security
  • Chapter 2: Hyper-V Manager – An Introduction
  • Chapter 3: Set Up Native Network Teams for Hyper-V
  • Chapter 4: A Quick Guide to Hyper-V’s Virtual Switch
  • Chapter 5: Hyper-V Virtual CPUs
  • Chapter 6: Proper Use of Hyper-V Dynamic Disks
  • Chapter 7: Connecting Hyper-V to Storage

You can download the eBook here –

*Thanks to Dr Tom Schinder for the link!

Bonanza collection of Free Microsoft eBooks for IT Pros, End Users, and even teenagers!

Thanks to Eric Ligman, Microsoft Senior Sales Excellence Manager, for sharing this incredible FREE wealth of knowledge. Yes, they are free to download. 300 titles. Here are a few that may be really helpful to various groups of people. Here is the full list –

Or you can grab some of the highlights from here.

IT Professionals in the Small Business

General Microsoft Users

And for Teenagers, and anyone else who needs to be informed about online security and privacy (That’s everyone!) – Own Your Space–Keep Yourself and Your Stuff Safe Online


Replication Health Mailer for Hyper-V Replica

Here is a cool script that mails Replication State, Replication Health and resource usage by virtual machines. The report is produced in a table format, emails to one or more recipients and can be scheduled as a task.

The script was written by Sangeeth on the Microsoft Virtualization Team and can be downloaded for free here –

Major Bug Alert: CVE-2014-0160 aka Heartbleed Bug


A serious vulnerability has been discovered in the OpenSSL cryptographic software library which allows an attacker to steal information that would normally be protected by SSL/TLS encryption. This vulnerability allows anyone to compromise and steal data that is normally protected by this protocol, which can lead to further attacks and the compromise of IT systems that are breached.

There are many popular firewalls and systems that are exposed on the Internet that use this protocol, which makes this vulnerability a serious threat. Many common Linux based operating systems are vulnerable, and the vendors have released patches to fix this issue. It is recommended that firewalls, servers and appliances that use OpenSSL be patched immediately.

For more information on this threat and some answers to common questions, read this –

To test your system for this vulnerability, go to this site –

Disaster Recovery Planning for IT Pros

Here is a link to a blog series covering Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity. The series is presented by the USA based IT Pro Evangelists from Microsoft.

The topics covered are as follows:

  • INTRO TO SERIES: Disaster Recovery Planning for I.T. Pros
  • Disaster recovery for IT Pros: How to Plan, What are the considerations?
  • Value of Server Virtualization to Disaster Recovery Management.
  • How Hyper-v Replica can save the day
  • Create Backups of VMs in Windows Azure by using PowerShell
  • Cloud-based Backup and Restore for Windows Azure Virtual Machines
  • Is there value in testing your Disaster Recovery plan?
  • High Availability, Disaster Recovery, and Windows Azure
  • File Server Disaster Recovery to the cloud with Windows Azure
  • Desktop virtualization as a Work Area Recovery Option. How to set it up?
  • Windows Azure Hyper-V Recovery Manager (HRM)
  • Disaster Recovery Planning Checklist
  • Do I need an offline backup?
  • Planning for DR capacity with the Capacity Planner for Hyper-V Replica
  • Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity Series recap

You will find the series here –

Free Windows 8.1 eBook for IT Professionals Technical Overview

There is a new Windows 8.1 eBook by Microsoft Press. It is targeted at IT Professionals and provides a Technical Overview of the new operating system. It is written by Ed Bott. You can download the eBook here –


How to find your ideal business device – Small Business Selector

Intel has released a JPG infographic based on Manga characters showing how a small business user can make a decision on what kind of PC, laptop, tablet or device they should pick depending on their needs.


The JPG can be viewed and downloaded here –

While you are at it, Intel has also put out some good articles and news information for small business owners. You can check them out here