Using Vyatta Router device in HyperV (Part 1)

I run Windows 2008 Server HyperV so that I can deploy my primary SBS 2008 Server, and also to host various test servers. In testing another SBS server, you can set up a Virtual Private Network. However, one of the challenges is to expose this server to the live network to simulate a real world environment using a router.
Vyatta ( produces an Open Source network appliance which can be configured as a router to bridge the Virtual Private Network to the Live Network, thus creating a real life scenario for the test environment.
The main download for the product is Vyatta Core 6.0 LiveCD which can be downloaded here as an ISO –
All the documentation for the product can be found here –
I will blog shortly about how to set up the Router in a hyperV.

3 thoughts on “Using Vyatta Router device in HyperV (Part 1)”

  1. I have a much easier way if you don’t need an actual firewall for security. See my blog post:

    I just enable routing between Hyper-V virtual networks with different subnets. It also means you don’t need to maintain another VM just for Vyatta. Some people use RRAS to do this, but you don’t even need that. You just make a simple registry edit, configure the virtual network in Hyper-V, and then add a static route for the subnet on your physical router.

    The subnets can still “reach” each other if they know the IP address, but the broadcast packets are isolated – eg. you can have another SBS server for testing without worrying about DHCP interfering with your production network.

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