PowerBiz Backup Essentials featuring Windows Storage Server 2008R2 Essentials now available in Australia

As the title implies, we are finally able to purchase, implement and deploy the Windows Storage Server 2008R2 Essentials solution for small businesses. This server, which comes in a variety of hard drive options from 1TB to 6TB of storage will provide an excellent out-of-box solution for small businesses.

Among the unique feature set are the following:

  • Automated daily client computer backups of Windows and Macintosh clients and server backups.
  • Simple recovery of individual files, folders and entire computers from image-based backups.
  • Centralized file organization.
  • Remote Access similar to what is available in SBS and SBS Essentials can provide RWA access in branch offices and locations where there is no SBS server.
  • Support for thrid party add-ins.

You can download the Datasheet here – http://www.powerbiz.net.au/files/WSSE2.pdf

PowerBiz Solutions has partnered with Hewlett-Packard to provide a custom solution called PowerBiz Backup Essentials. Using the HP Proliant Microserver, the PowerBiz Backup Essentials unit is a self contained Windows Storage Server 2008R2 Essentials solution. Just start up the unit, and configure a few settings to your network, and it is ready to go.

For pricing, specifications and availability, send an email to info@powerbiz.net.au.

For more information on the HP Proliant Microserver, check out this blog post – http://blog.powerbiz.net.au/features/hp-proliant-microserver/


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