12 Common Hyper-V Deployment Mistakes


Altaro have put out a blog on 12 of the common Hyper-V deployment mistakes that people make. I think I have done a few of these before!

  1. Mis-Provisioning Resources in Hyper-V
    • Improper Balance of CPU and Memory
    • Improper Balance of Networked Storage and Network Connectivity
    • Improper Balance of SSD and Spinning Disks
    • Improper Balance of Networking Resources
    • Improper Focus of Resources
  2. Creating Too Many Networks and/or Virtual Adapters
  3. Creating Too Many Virtual Switches
  4. Optimizing Page Files
  5. Not Leveraging Dynamic Memory
  6. Leaving Default VM Configurations
  7. Not Troubleshooting the Right Thing
  8. Overloading the Management Operating System
  9. Leaving the Management OS in Workgroup Mode When there is a Perfectly Good AD Domain Available
  10. Not Testing
  11. Avoiding PowerShell
  12. Not Figuring Out Licensing in Advance

Read the entire article here – http://www.altaro.com/hyper-v/common-hyper-v-deployment-mistakes/

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