Hyper-V Replica for Small Business

This post serves as a starting point for my series of posts on the new feature called Hyper-V Replica.

Windows Server 2012 HyperV Replica Scenarios for Small Business


In this post, I examine the various scenarios where a small business could use this technology.


How to set up Hyper-V Replica for Small Businesses


In this post, we look at how to configure and set up Hyper-V Replica.

The post continues on to a follow up session, “Disaster Recovery with Hyper-V Replica for Small Business on a Budgethttp://blog.powerbiz.net.au/hyperv/disaster-recovery-with-hyper-v-replica-for-small-business-on-a-budget/, which looks are a cheaper alternative in deploying this feature.


Monitoring and Managing Hyper-V Replica


We also look at how to monitor and manage the Hyper-V Replica and steps to take in case the replica is needed in a DR situation.


Supplementary Resources

There are a number of other posts that are referred to or provide further information related to the subject matter.

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