Locating a Folder in Outlook 2013

Chances are you have suffered from a case of “sticky mouse syndrome” where the mouse apparently sticks and drags a folder while you are working in Outlook. If you have a lot of folders, it will become impossible to find this folder. The most frustrating thing is that you remember an email in that folder and search for the folder. You open the email, and see the name of the folder which holds the email, but you do not know where this folder is located in relation to the entire mailbox. How do you locate this mailbox, so that you can move it back to the right location?

  1. In Outlook 2013, search for an email in the folder you are looking for. In this example, I am looking for an email from George, because I remember that I filed his email in to the correspondence folder that I have lost.


  2. I open this email and confirm that it is indeed in the correspondence folder.


  3. Going back to the message, press CRTL-SHIFT-F to open the Advanced Find window. The containing folder will be listed


  4. Click the Browse button, and you will now see the exact location of this folder. It was moved under the Inbox!


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