Viewing your Office 2016 Product Key from the Microsoft Office Account

Note: This article does not apply to Office 365 Professional Plus or Office 365 for Business installations, as the activation is tied to the Microsoft Account. This works with the online installations (Click and Run) for Office 2016 and 2013.

Why do we need to know this, if you already have the Product Key card? If you activated more than one installation on the same day, you will not easily be able to distinguish which installation pertains to the specific Product Key.

For example, when logged in to, we can see that this user activated the software on 2 PCs on the same day. Suppose one of these PCs needed to have Office 2016 re-installed? Which install should we choose?


If you have the Product Key card, you can compare that key to the key on one of these installations.

  1. From My Account, select Install from a disc.
  2. Expand I have a disc, and click View your product key
  3. You will now see the product key for this installation and compare this with the Product Key card to verify that you will be reinstalling the correct keyed version of Office 2016 on the PC.

Kudos to Richard and Ken from Junction City for the pointer to this information.

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