PFDavAdmin – Golden Oldie for Exchange Public Folder and Mailbox administration

The Microsoft Public Folder Distributed Authoring and Versioning (DAV)-based Administration tool – PFDavAdmin is a great utility to use when working, especially with mailbox permissions, whether they be user mailboxes or Public Folders.
With this tool, one can do a mass update of all permissions set in any folder in Exchange.
Content information like number of items in folders can be reported.
The description from Microsoft is as follows:

Use the Exchange Server Public Folder Distributed Authoring and Versioning (DAV)-based Administration tool (PFDAVAdmin) to perform various management tasks related to public folders and mailboxes. The tool checks the permissions status of each public and mailbox folder and corrects any problems found. The ability to bulk export/import the permissions and replica lists make this tool invaluable in achieving greater productivity in managing public folders. The program can also reports content information of each public folder and mailbox folder such as the number of items in each folder, size of folder and most recent modification date of any item in the folder.

Note: PFDAVAdmin is supported when running with Exchange 2000 Server, Exchange Server 2003 and Exchange Server 2007.

NEW: Microsoft have just release a new version of PFDAVAdmin which fully works with Exchange 2007. Thi can be downloaded in the link above, which has been updated.
For Exchange 2010, you have to use ExFolders, as WebDAV is not present. This can be found here – 

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