Product Review: Kernel Data Recovery

From time to time, I have been asked to provide a review of software for evaluation. I found products from Kernel Data Recovery ( to be simple to use and well worth the reasonable purchase price.

If you have ever lost data on your hard drive, or on a camera flash card or similar, the Windows Data Recovery tool (USD $49) will come in handy.

Using the tools is as easy as 1, 2, and 3.

ONE: Start the program and select Quick Scan.

TWO: Select the Drive to recover data from.

Confirm the Drive Information.

You will see the progress of what the program has found.

When it is done, click OK to acknowledge that you can use the more advanced tools to recover even more data if required.

THREE: Select the Files and Folders to be recovered.

Point the recovery path to another location on your computer.

Let the magic begin!

And when the process is complete, all the recovered files will be shown in the location that was selected.

The cost of losing data is often priceless, especially when considering that many digital photos could be the only memories from an event or of a loved one. If you have no backups, Kernel for Windows Data Recovery may be your only course of action.


  • Before you run the tool, did you look in the Recycled Bin?
  • Run the tool as soon as possible BEFORE trying any other invasive data recovery techniques.
  • This is a good time to remember to back up your data to other locations.








2 thoughts on “Product Review: Kernel Data Recovery”

  1. I find this post interesting about products from Kernel Data Recovery which is a easy to use data recovery tool.There are also other windows based tools available on internet like Recuva which is a free software that can recover data from damaged partition or accidentally deleted files.

  2. The Kernel Data Recovery tool is very good and easy to use tool for data recovery. The GUI based data recovery is very good to use. The graphical view of this post is very informative. The steps of data recovery are nice.

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