Word 2010 Blog Publishing

You can now type your blog post in Word 2010 and publish it directly to your blog site.

Your document will be formatted in a blog-style format. You need to give the title of the post as requested.

The first time you click on this button, you will be prompted for the details of your blog site and the login details.

Click on Register now to continue.


Choose your Blog site.

For Windows Live Spaces, you need to enter your space name – ie. if your blog website is http://powerbiz.spaces.live.com, then enter powerbiz as your space name, and the Secret Word is the word that was chosen when e-mail publishing was turned on in Windows Live Spaces.

For more help on this, refer to – http://office.microsoft.com/en-au/word-help/help-with-blogging-in-word-HA010164021.aspx?ver=14&app=winword.exe#BM4

Click OK to continue and the account registration will give you the thumbs up, if all is OK.

To set up your Windows Live Spaces account to enable e-mail publishing, log in to your windows live blog account, then select Options, E-Mail Publishing.

Follow the instructions to set up E-Mail publishing.

One problem with this feature is that pictures are not saved. You need to save pictures as files, and upload them to the blog site and insert them manually into the blog.

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