Create Custom Email Address Templates in SBS2003 using Recipient Policies

Sometimes, it is necessary to create a custom template for allocating email addresses to users based on certain criteria. In SBS2008, this is relatively easy to do via the Recipient Policy Wizard in the Exchange Management Console.

In SBS2003, this is not easily found. Microsoft KB 822447 Article documents how to do this –

You can create and edit Recipient Policies in the Exchange System Manager, Recipients, Recipient Policies.

  1. Create a new policy or double-click an existing one to existing one.
  2. In the E-Mail Addresses (Policy) tab, click New to create a new policy rule/template.
  3. The following wildcards can be used:
  • %s : Surname (last name)
  • %g : Given name (first name)
  • %i : Middle initial
  • %d : Display name
  • %m : Exchange 2003 alias
  • %rxy : Replace all subsequent characters x with character y in username. If x = y, the character will be deleted.

For more information, refer to examples from the KB article.

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