Exchange 2007 stops receiving external emails

On many of my early installations of SBS2008, I had the unfortunate situation of not allocating enough hard drive space on the C: drive. My opinion has always been to move data and other system information out of the C: drive to other drives, and keeping the C: drive to a reasonably small size. I though that size was 60GB. I was wrong. I would recommend setting the C: drive to at least 80GB or more.
However, if you do have a 60GB partition on the C: drive, one of the first signs of trouble is when the free space on C: drops below 2GB. Exchange 2007 stops receiving external emails. This is caused by a condition known as Back Pressure. This is described in more detail here –
The easiest way to remedy this situation is to immediately free up disk space. Fortunately, there are some great articles on how to do this.
Other things, which should have already been done via the SBS Console is moving the Exchange database, Windows Update Repository and Sharepoint database out of the C: drive. They can be found here.

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