SBS2008 and SBS2011 Log File locations

The following is a list of locations for key log files stored in SBS2008 as posted here – This also applies to SBS2011.

C:\Program Files\Windows Small Business Server\Logs

Console.log SBS Console Log
CTIW.log Logs events of the “Connect to the Internet” wizard
DCPromo_yymmdd.xxxxxx.log DCPromo that ran during SBS install
DPCW.log Logs events of the “Set up your Internet address” wizard
ERRORLOG.TXT Logs any errors that occurred during SBS setup
ExtSchemaTask.log Logs result of SBS AD schema additions
FinishSetup.log Logs the completion of the SBS 2008 install
GPOTask.log Logs the creation of the SBS Group Policy objects
olsignupwiz.log Logs events of the “Set up your Microsoft Office Live Small Business Web site” wizard
pop3connectorinstall.log Install log for the POP3 Connector
SBSHook.log Logs hooking of SBS install shell to Windows install and runonce modification
SBSSetup.log Logs all events that occurred during SBS setup
adduser.log Logs events of the “Add a new user account” wizard
addgroup.log Logs events of the “Add a new group” wizard
CreateUserRole.log Logs events of the “Add a new user role” wizard
CopyConnectComputer.log Logs events of the “Connect computers to your network” wizard
SBCW.log Logs events of the “Configure server backup” wizard
fncw.log Logs events of the “Fix My Network” wizard
AddMultipleUsers.log Logs events of the “Add multiple user accounts” wizard
FaxRoleInstallation.log Install log for Fax
FaxCW.log Logs events of the “Configure the fax service” wizard
MoveData.log Logs events of the “Move Exchange Server Data”, “Move Windows SharePointServices Data”, “Move User’s Shared Data”, “Move User’s Redirected Documents Data”, and “Move Windows Update Repository Data” wizards 
CIMW.log  Logs events of the “Configure a Smart Host for Internet e-mail” wizard
TrustedCert.log Logs events of the “Add a trusted certificate” wizard
VPNCW.log Logs events of the “Configure a virtual private network” wizard

C:\Program Files\Windows Small Business Server\Logs\MonitoringServiceLogs

Contains logs for  SBS Monitoring and it’s associated data collection tasks

C:\Program Files\Windows Small Business Server\Logs\pop3connector

Pop3service.log POP3 Connector log

C:\Program Files\Windows Small Business Server\Logs\WebWorkplace

W3WP.log IIS worker process log for RWW

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