Tis the season to be careful: McAfee’s Twelve Scams of Christmas

This is the time to be more vigilant than usual. McAfee has put out a blog post warning consumers of the twelve most prevalent scams over the Christmas period. https://blogs.mcafee.com/consumer/mcafee-twelve-scams-of-christmas

They are:

  1. Mobile Malware
  2. Malicious Mobile Applications
  3. Phony Facebook Promotions and Contests
  4. Scareware or Fake Anti Virus Software
  5. Holiday Screensavers
  6. Mac Malware
  7. Holiday Phishing Scams
  8. Online Coupon Scams
  9. Mystery Shopping Scams
  10. Hotel “Wrong Transaction” Malware Emails.

Please read the article, as it explains each of these dangers in more detail.

The bottom line: Be suspicious of any deal, especially if it is too good to be true. Follow those principles I highlighted previously here – http://blog.powerbiz.net.au/security/how-to-detect-and-deal-with-malicious-email-viruses/

Have a safe and happy holiday period!

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