Server Core Tools and Utilities

Being a public holiday today, I got my hands dirty with some Windows HyperV Server fiddling.
This blog post is just the beginning of some basic tools/commands/help information for managing and maintaining a Windows Server Core installation for those who are not used to command line work.
It is not meant to be the comprehensive list, nor is it limited to Microsoft information. As some of these tools are third party freeware, there are security concerns to consider when installing and using them.
SCONFIG – brings up the Server Configuration Menu, in case you closed it accidentally. Location: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\SCONFIG.CMD
HELP – Gives you a list of what you can do in the command prompt Wink
DISKPART – Disk Partition Properties, used in place of Disk Manager.
CORECONFIGURATOR – Graphical Interface providing quick GUI access to features.
HVREMOTE – HyperV Remote Management Configuration Utility.
DISK2VHD – Converts physical disks to VHDs.
VHDTOOL – This free tool helps create, extend, convert and repair VHDs. 

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