Importing a PFX Certificate into Windows Server 2012

In Windows Server 2012, you need to perform the following steps to import a PFX certificate into the Certificate store.

  1. Start a MMC session. From a command prompt, type MMC.
  2. Add/Remove Snap-in

  3. Add Certificates

  4. Use the Computer Account

  5. Manage the Local Computer

  6. Expand to the Personal Certificate store

  7. Right-click, All Tasks, Import. Then browse to the location of the PFX file to import the certificate. The Certificate Import Wizard will begin.

  8. Browse to the PFX file.

  9. Type in the password for the certificate, and mark the key as exportable, in case you need to re-export the key elsewhere in the future.

  10. Place the certificate in the Personal store.

  11. Click Finish to complete the wizard.

  12. When the import is successfully completed, the certificate and intermediate certificate will be displayed in the Certificates folder.

7 thoughts on “Importing a PFX Certificate into Windows Server 2012”

  1. Can you then delete the certificate from the location you imported it from?

    I would hope so when you may have to put a certificate onto a public facing server.

    1. To delete a certificate from the certificate store, you just right click and delete.
      Note that you can use the certificate internally in multiple places as long as the internal FQDN matches the certificate.

  2. In a word, thank you for posting this, I could have searched for a while how to put the certificate in the computer store rather than in the user store !


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