An Administrator’s Guide to Windows Server 2012 Essentials

I’ve written a book.

The full details of the book are featured here –

You can download a sample of the book here –

It has been a drawn out process, and I now appreciate the effort it takes to write. I’d like to reiterate the acknowledgements to the people who have made this book possible.


I want to acknowledge God as my inspiration and to give Him the glory for His creation and my reason for existence in this point in time in the universe. Jesus is my Lord and Savior.

I want to thank my wife of 25 years, Hwee Ling, for her patience in putting up with my techno babble, and long hours immersed in work/IT/computers. I look also to my two daughters, Kristen and Karyn, for their joy in life and passion for discovery and knowledge. I want to specifically thank Karyn for her tireless work in helping me design, complete, proof read, format, and edit this manuscript.

Thank you, Jeff Middleton, Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Windows Server (SBS/Essentials), who found time to glance through the book and write the foreword. You have been a good friend and valuable resource through IT Pro Experts and

For the photos of old SBS boxes, my appreciation goes out to my SBS-MVP family in Dave Nickason, Handy Andy Goodman and Jason Miller. Who would have thought you guys were hoarding the last remaining remnants of SBS history!

To Glen Scales (Exchange-MVP), and Susan Bradley (SBS-MVP), thank you for your contributions to the list of resources for small business. I know that readers will benefit greatly from your extensive knowledgebase.

To the rest of the SBS and WHS MVP community, I thank you for your passion, drive, ideas, and help in making the product workable in the real world. Truly, you guys and gals bring meaning to the slogan “Independent Experts, Real World Answers”

To the Microsoft® Small Business Server/Windows Server® 2012 Essentials Product Group Team, I thank you for your invaluable help in working through the issues and listening to the community and for making this the excellent product it is for the small business community.


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    1. I have looked into this and found it too expensive to make a run. Currently, I can do one off runs from one of the e-Book providers, but it would cost in excess of $50 to produce. And with the lifespan of this book coming to and end, it is just not worth the effort to do this. Thanks for asking.

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