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Sync iPhone email

I’ve been working on the iPhone, since my old HTC died. One thing I found annoying about the iPhone was the inability to sync more than a few days email. I searched and found what I needed.
To sync more than the default of 3 days, Open up Settings,
Mail, Contacts, Calendars, [your exchange account],
Mail Days to Sync.
Select the desired setting.

Cannot install applications on ACER L460 systems

This is a problem that has plagued me for some time. The problem generally occurs on the 3 Litre ACER L460 series desktop with the Windows XP Pro downgrade.
The symptoms may include the following:
1. Cannot run setup program from a CD.
2. Cannot run setup program after download.
3. Program hangs on initial start.
Thanks to some friends at TSH, we have determined that the ACER Empowering Technologies elock and LANscope Agent services interfere with the installation of some applications. If you run task manager, you will see lock.exe and lockkm.exe processes running. Terminating these services allowed the programs to load properly.
The solution we applied was to uninstall these programs from the Control Panel.

Atheros LAN Driver and slow Windows boot

This particular problem has hit me a few times, particularly with some ASUS laptops. You would set up the PC normally, and everything works fine. Then we go for the final reboot (it is always the last one that does it).
During the restart, we see the Windows Logo (XP or Vista), and the running bars underneath. Suddenly, everything goes really slowly, as though in slow motion, and it does this for about 30 minutes (I timed it once).
The problem lies in the memory effect on this particular network card. To solve this problem, ASUS tech support recommended the following steps.
1. Shut down the PC/Laptop.
2. Remove the battery, or disconnect it from mains power, and disengage the network cable.
3. Restart the PC, and update the network card with the following driver –

Configuring the iPhone for Exchange Sync

The iPhone is really easy to set up. I don’t particularly like the onscreen keyboard input or the lack of cut and paste (edit: fixed in OS v3.0), but it is really easy to set up a connection to Exchange.
All you need is:
email address – This is the email address of the user
domain – Leave this blank in most cases
username – the username for logging into the domain
password – the user’s password
Click next, and the iPhone will attempt to connect to the server automatically. In most SBS cases, this will fail, and the phone will request a servername.
servername – the FQDN for the domain where Exchange OWA is located. In many SBS2003 installations, this is typically On SBS2008, this will normally be
When you are done, the screen should look something like this.

Server Reboots – When a power cycle is not enough

Had one of those problems today. The server had to be restarted. The client pressed the power button and held it for 5 seconds, because there was nothing on the screen. Then they turned the server on again. Nothing. Tried it a few times with no luck.

I got to the site and tried it too. No luck. Finally, I pulled the power cord out of the power supply. Plugged it back in after 10 seconds, and up came the server. Why? I don’t know…