HP Laserjet P2035 prints multiple copies of pages on Windows 7

I recently resolved a problem which occured on just about every Laserjet P2035 printer when printing from Windows 7. When printing a page, ie. the test page, multiple copies keep printing until you cancel the print job. Updating the printer drivers have no effect.

The fix was to untick the Enable Bidirectional Printing in the printer properties.

  1. Open up Printers and Devices
  2. Right Click on the Printer, and select Printer Properties
  3. Go to the Ports tab
  4. Untick the check box “Enable bidirectional support”

9 thoughts on “HP Laserjet P2035 prints multiple copies of pages on Windows 7”

  1. i already do that, what is mentioned above. but again and again it is printing a multiple copies. i dont know what is the problem. every thing is connected at server at right full manner. please give me a solution for the problem……….

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