MVMC: Convert VMWare Virtual Machines to HyperV

Finally! After 4 years, Microsoft has released a tool to simply the migration of virtual machines running on VMWare’s ESX or ESXi across to a HyperV platform. Still, better late than never!

The new tool is highlighted here –

Basically, the tool will convert a VMWare virtual machine that is running on vSphere 4.0 and above, and will migrate the vm over to a HyperV platform. The tool will remove the VMWare extensions and will convert the hard drive from the vmdk format to the vhd format. It simplifies the difficult process of removing these drivers, and the HAL and system specific drivers, converting the VMDK and then insert HyperV drivers on the drive format. This used to be a tedious task, even when using third party tools.

The tool can be downloaded here, and includes an Administrator’s Guide –

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