Setting Message Size Limits in Exchange 2007

I received an email from a client a few days ago.
“Does the server have a limit on the size of emails it will accept? I seem to recall a 5mb limit.
Can I ask that we review this in the light of modern ways of doing things whereby we send large files, audio and video, via email?”

For many organizations, a limit is imposed on attachments in emails to “save bandwidth” since data is counted for broadband in Australia. I found an excellent blog which listed the various places to look at when making changes to enable attachments beyond the default 10MB limit which is set in SBS2008.
All these options are located in the Exchange Management Console.
1. Setting Organizational Limits. This affects the global settings. In an organization with multiple servers, this will affect all servers. Open up properties for Transport settings as shown. Change the settings as required.
2. Setting Receive Connector limit. This affects incoming messages received by the server. Change the desired Receive Connector properties.
     a. Default SBS – For internal client connections
     b. Windows SBS Internet Receive SBS – For incoming emails outside the network
3. Send Connector limit. This setting affects outgoing emails. Edit the settings for the Windows SBS Internet Send SBS connector.
4. Mailbox limit. Finally, if you really want to, you can set a user to have additional settings, different to the organizational limits. Note that this only affects internal messages. not external incoming or outgoing messages. Change the properties for the Message Size Restrictions (which is not set by default).

2 thoughts on “Setting Message Size Limits in Exchange 2007”

  1. i have changed settings on all those settings, but still receiving NDR when i attemp to send a 10MB attachment out???

    any ideas on what i am missing?

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