Keys to a Successful Migration

If you are planning a migration from SBS2003 or SBS2008 to SBS2011, you need to run through this checklist. For detailed descriptions, see the full blog post here –

  • Read through the migration guide before starting.
  • Watch the migration video demos and online training.
  • Join the Small Business Server forum.
  • Practice a migration yourself in a test environment.
  • On the Source server, run the SBS 2003 Best Practices Analyzer or SBS 2008 Best Practices Analyzer.
  • On the Source server, make sure the Active Directory is healthy.
  • On the Source server, check the Primary group of the account you will use to install the SBS 2011 server into the domain.
  • Make sure the Admin account you are using for the migration has a STRONG password.
  • SBS 2003 must be on a class C subnet (subnet mask of
  • Install the samsrv.dll update from KB 939820 on all Windows 2003 domain controllers in your environment, including the SBS 2003.
  • In the source domain, check for the existence of an account named Postmaster.
  • Check Exchange Server 2003 policies and remove the following ones, if they exist:
    •Existing Mailbox Management policies
    •Duplicate SMTP addresses in recipient policies
    •Invalid SMTP addresses in recipient policies
  • Disable WSUS on Source domain prior to migration.
  • In the source domain, disable anything that may install software on machines added to the domain.
  • On the Source server, verify that the SBS organizational units are present.
  • On the Source server, run the SBS 2011 Migration Preparation Tool
  • Make a System State Backup of the source server.
  • Do not make any changes on the network.

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